SoulSrijan Terms and Conditions for Vendor/Seller

As a vendor/seller on SoulSrijan, you are submitting application for online space for sale purposesand agree to abide by the various terms and conditions as specified here.

You agree that you are being given an online platform to sell my products/services for which you are expected to pay trading charges to SoulSrijan. You agree to pay all dues as specified by SoulSrijan from time to time and also accept that all such payments should be deducted from the items that you sell under SoulSrijan platform. In case, you fail to replace/refund a product under SS buying policy, you will make any such payment directly to SS into their account else your account may be terminated without specifying any reason.

You also give your consent to abide by all policies introduced, modified, and communicated by SoulSrijan – personally as well as through their website or any other mode of communication. You also give your consent to exhibit only those products which are solely handmade, readily available for dispatch.

We are promoting handicrafts through SoulSrijanso we expect you to maintain the transparency how you are making the items. You accept to follow Manufacturing Policy of SoulSrijanand disclose information related to your production in your listings, if needed.(A production partner refers to anyone, who helps you physically to produce/manufacture your items.)

As we are charging zero fee to attract more sellers as of now,  but in future, we may revise our registration policies anytime and you agree abide by any such terms else you may surrender you’re your membership with SS.

You agree to submit a 30% transaction fee for any sales made through SoulSrijan (excluding taxes), the amount will be deducted from your seller’s account once the sale has taken place.

Though SoulSrijan will take care of shipping for most of the sellers for items sold by sellers, it may also incur a payment processing fee if a buyer makes payment using a credit or debit card. You you’re your consent to SS for adding transaction and processing fees to your SS bill.

SS maintains a minimum margin requirement to meet industry standards. As a seller, by accepting the terms and conditions specified here, you certify that you will maintain the MRP (Manufacturer’s Retail Price) of your items and it will match the existing retail price.

You agree to truthfully update the status of orders placed through SS by different buyers through SS order tracking /personally if needed/communicated to you (These statuses are, “Approved,” “Shipped,” or “Paid”). In case you fail to do so, SS may consider it as fee avoidance and this may result in suspension or termination of your account without any prior notice.

You agree not to use SS’s features or tools demonstrated on the site or otherwise to carry your direct transactions off your network in order to manipulate or avoid fee, delay or influence the billing process in any way. You give your consent to termination of your account with SS if that happens.

You also give your consent to permit buyers and SS to contact you via phone, email or any other SS tool for any orders placed through our website. Also, by not responding to inquiries from SS within seven (7) calendar days may result in suspension or termination of your account.

You agree to sell items that you have listed on your website and also agree to comply with SS’s Seller Policy for the handmade category. I accept not to sell vintage goods or craft supplies.

As a seller, you will be solely responsible for collecting and remitting any or all taxes applicable to any sales you make using SS e-commerce platform.

As a registered member of SS, you will produce all desired content related to your product including listings, text, photos etc. You will also send them to SS team first for approval. In case, they don’t meet the standards specified in our product listing policy, you agree to resubmit them as per the requirement. You agree to the fact that you will not upload content related to my products, that is:

Rude, intimidating, offensive, or harassing;

Indecent or vulgar;

Violates privacy or intellectual property rights of anyone

Incorrect, illusory, or false.

You also accept that SS may charge you for offering effective copywriting and product description as an additional fee, which will be communicated to you at the time of submitting this contract.

You will ship my order as per the processing time or ship-by date you agreed upon.

You will ship the order to the address provided on our website. If the buyer asks you to ship it to any alternate shipping address, you will either contact SS or may choose to cancel and refund the order and ask the buyer to purchase the item again with the corrected shipping address.

You agree to mark the order when you ship it and will ship it as per the timeline agreed/suggested by SS. You also understand the failure to dispatch any items within specified timeline may lead to the termination of your account. You agree to provide us a valid proof of shipping such as shipping or tracking number that indicates the order route and delivery progress.

You also give your consent to the fact that SS reserves the right to change their specified delivery site for any reasonable ground or grounds and the as a supplier, you shall be responsible to deliver the materials at the new site. The quality and quantity of the materials will be as per specification given by SS/buyer as well as samples submitted by you as a supplier, and approved by SS.

You will be fully responsible for delivery of the materials in good condition at the specified site through delivery options provided by SS.

SS can inspect the goods and reserves the right to reject any goods if the representative(s) considers those to be inferior quality to the approved samples.

That the goods rejected by the SS/buyer shall be replaced by you and you will bear all risks/costs of the materials rejected by the purchaser.

The buyer/SS reserves the right to change the quantity of items if they feel necessary during the validity of this Agreement.

That you will not, without the consent in writing of SS assign or sub-let the contract or any part thereof, or make any agreement with any person/company for the execution of any portion of the supply. In this regard consent by SS will not relieve you from full and entire responsibility for this Agreement.

You agree to replace/refund the product/s against claims, damages, injury or accident.

That the custom duty, VAT or other Taxes, or any other incidental charges, if required in connection of the delivery of goods shall be borne by you.

That if you shall in any manner neglect or fail to carry on the work or performance of the terms of the Agreement with due diligence or violates any of the terms of this Agreement you shall be entitled to cancel The Agreement and demand damages.

That if you fail to deliver the materials as per agreed Schedule, penalty will be imposed by SS at the rate of (1%) of total contract value for each day of delay.

That the terms of this Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Land i.e. Government of Uttar Pradesh

That if any dispute arises in connection with or under this Agreement between the Parties hereto, the matter shall be referred to the founders or designate and the decision of the founders shall be final, conclusive and binding upon both the parties.